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Jesus Christ Ambassadors Ministries(JCAM) is a non-profit Christian religious organization incorporated in Texas,United States of America  in 2012 by that state's Secretary of State.In 2012,the organization acquired its tax exemption from the IRS and now functions as a 501(c3) entity.JCAM seeks to fulfill the Great Commission,which is "Go Ye Into All The World and Preach The Gospel To Every Creature(Mark 16:15)" by employing all the five-fold ministerial gifts outlined in Ephesians 4:8-11.It also employs other gifts,including the ministry of helps,the gift of giving,to advance the Kingdom of God and his dear Son,Jesus Christ.

Throughout its inception,this Christian organization,JCAM,has been promoting several intitiatives to promote the mandate given it by our Lord Jesus Christ.These include the Monthly Bible Conferences which it organized from 2014-2015,the Christian Tours to Israel,Greece,Turkey which it conducted from 2016 till date,the International School of Ministry(i.e Bible School) which it started in April 2016,to name but a few.JCAM also partners with other Christian organizations to achieve its aims and purposes.In 2015,it participated at the National Day of Prayer held at Stafford City Hall,Stafford Texas.It participated at the 2015 Believers' Bible Convention held by Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth,Texas.It had previously forged several alliances to advance its cause.This included membership to Evangel Association of Churches and Ministries(Roseville,Michigan),Full Gospel Assemblies International(Caotesville,Philaldelphia),Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International(Houston,Texas),Cornerstone Church(San Antionio,Texas) etc.Jesus Christ Ambassadors Ministries worked closely with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in its " My Hope With Billy Graham" project which started in 2013 and had continued till today.

Jesus Christ Ambassadors Ministries is the owner of International School of Ministry-Greater Houston(ISOM-GH),a member of the ISOM network,which is the world's largest video Bible school.The first school session of ISOM-GH was organized by JCAM from 4th April -December 2016 with a total enrollee of five students.The number of students is expected to increase.It is also associates with Pillar of God's Truth & Wisdom Int'l Ministry(POGTWIM),a Nigerian Christian organization incorporated as a trustee by the Corporate Affairs Commission and which is also registered as a foreign corporation by the Texas Secretary of State,United States.

JCAM's activities are overseen by Rev.Davidson Okoko,his wife,Adachi,and other  members of the Board Directors.Rev.Davidson Okoko also serves on the Board of Trustees of both "Pillar of God's Truth & Wisdom Int'l Ministry" and "International School of Ministry-Greater Houston" respectively,both sister organizations of JCAM.

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