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At the headquartering country,Nigeria,it had engendered economic and spiritual projects that promoted the spiritual and physical well-beings of the people.It had,for example,offered income-generation opportunities to rural dwellers by purchasing a vehicle and two motorcyles for commuting passengers from one point to other.These equipment were purchased and donated free of charge to select individuals who found it difficult to make a living.POGTWIM had also empowered an able local traders to boost their trade by renting and donating store outlets to enable them display their wares and sell them at a profit to the general public.POGTWIM had also donated money gifts towards payment of hospital bills to the sick,who otherwise could not afford hospital bills.It did also provide print Bible copies to individuals whose thirst for the things of God are growing.These organizations support the vision of International School of Ministry-Greater Houston(ISOM-GH),a member of the ISOM network, which is the world's largest video Bible school headquartered in San Bernardino, California, USA. Donations are requested from those whom God has given the gift of giving,and others also,who do not have the gift but want to take part in the blessing of God by sowing towards the advance of the Kingdom of God.We admonish you to remember us in all your giving.Send your gifts and contributions to the address below.

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